No Exit’s Year of Surreality: The Unconscious with Zeitgeist at SPACES
December 2, 7PM at SPACES Gallery
No Exit is once again joined by our frequent collaborators from St.Paul, MN for a multimedia exploration into the subconscious.
No Exit’s Year of Surreality at The Cleveland Museum of Art
February 9, 7:30PM at Cleveland Museum of Art
Join us at our inaugural performance at the CMA featuring the most beguiling new works on our Surrealist programs.
No Exit Presents: Aether Eos at Heights Arts
March 3, 3:00PM at Heights Arts Gallery
You won’t want to miss this extraordinary collaborative duo featuring violinist/composer/visual artist Leah Asher and pianist/composer Christopher Goddard.

No Exit's Year of Surreality Continues with "The Unconscious"

"This was a captivating evening of music presented by skilled and friendly performers in an intimate setting. No Exit performs with complete commitment to its repertory but doesn’t take itself too seriously either — something that really draws an audience into what they’re doing."

Daniel Hathaway,

Since its inception, the idea behind No Exit has been to serve as an outlet for the commission and performance of contemporary avant-garde concert music. Now in our 15th season and with well over 300 commissions to date, we have strived to create exciting, meaningful and thought-provoking programs; always with the philosophy of bringing the concert hall to the community (not the other way around) and by presenting our programs in a manner which allows for our audience to really connect with the experience………free and open to the public in every sense.

In addition to our activities as a performing ensemble and commissioning organization, we produce an annual series of concerts, via No Exit Presents, that showcase some of the most singular and compelling performers and ensembles from around the world and from right here in our backyard.

Our 15th season, which we’re dubbing Surreality, is our most ambitious yet. No Exit’s 2023-2024 season will encompass a wide variety of artistic mediums to present an immersive multidisciplinary exploration of Surrealism as expressed in music, art, film, poetry, literature and performance art. We hope that you will  join us in taking the leap into the irrational, illogical, inexplicable, strange and utterly fantastical world of Surreality!

No Exit is grateful to have such and enthusiastic and engaged audience. We have so many extraordinary things in store for you, so keep listening!

Thank you for your support.

Shuai Wang
Rob Kovacs
Nicholas Diodore
Luke Rinderknecht
Cara Tweed
James Rhodes
Sean Gabriel
Gunnar Owen Hirthe
Timothy Beyer
James Praznik
Edwin Wade
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