Eric M.C. Gonzalezgonzalez_rectangles
Gonzalez PhotoAssistant to the artistic director/composer Eric M. C. Gonzalez is a composer of solo works, chamber pieces, electroacoustic, electronic music and works for film and theater. Eric is the director and cellist of the string ensemble Forest City Chambers. Eric studied composition with Andrew Rindfleisch and Greg D’alessio, cello performance with David Allen Harrell of The Cleveland Orchestra, and film music with Michael Baumgartener at Cleveland State University.

Ensembles Eric has composer for include the Cleveland State University Chamber Orchestra, the Cleveland State University Experimental Ensemble. In 2011 and 2012, the works Elliptical and A Priori Music No.2 were recorded by engineer David Yost at the Cleveland Composers’ Recording Institute at Cleveland State University.

In 2014, Eric performed, arranged and composed music for the avant-garde mixed-genre musical Tingle Tangle, which consists of works for cello, electronics, guitar, vocals and percussion. Eric has composed music for plays with the Cleveland Theater company Theater Ninjas, and Cleveland Public Theatre.

Eric won the No Exit New Music Ensemble Commission Competition in 2011 and 2013, for which he composed PILLS for solo piano, and Late Spring for piano quartet. In 2013, Eric was the recipient of the Bain Murray Award for Composition.