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Artistic director/composer and Cleveland native, Timothy Beyer has been active as both a composer and performer in an eclectic range of musical mediums. He has composed for a variety of concert music genres, has scored for film, dance and has produced many works in the electronic music idiom, which have garnered him acclaim. As a performer, he was the founding member and trombonist of Cleveland’s innovative Jamaican jazz band Pressure Drop. He received his Masters of Music degree in music composition from Cleveland State University.

Mr.Beyer’s music has been performed throughout the U.S. and Europe by artists such as clarinetist Pat O’Keefe, flutists Carlton Vickers and Sean Gabriel, cellists David Russell and Craig Hultgren, pianist Jenny Lin and contemporary music ensembles Zeitgeist, the Verge Ensemble, the Cleveland Chamber Collective and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony. His works have also been featured at the Aki Festival and the Utah Arts Festival in addition to many radio broadcasts throughout the country. He is currently working on several recording projects including a vocal/electronic collaboration with composer Andrew Rindfleisch, and a CD project featuring the “Amputate” series of electroacoustic works.

The Washington Post has declared Timothy Beyer’s music to be “as much poetry as it was music”, – Stephen Brookes [The Washington Post, Apr.2011]