Fall 2013 Concert Series: The Music of the Raymond Scott Quintette

I’ve always thought of the music of Raymond Scott as being dynamic and extraordinary in an uniquely ‘American’ sort of way. Perhaps it would be better stated to say that Raymond Scott himself is, uniquely unique. There simply doesn’t seem to be enough adjectives to adequately put a finger on his prolific and always singular output, nonetheless, to describe the visionary himself. Scott truly epitomizes the term ‘avant-garde’, and musically, does so in an infinitely accessible and entertaining fashion.

Thank you to our special guest performers Russ Gershon, Scott McKee, Dinesh Joseph and Ed Davis. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Irwin Chusid and Jeff Winner for their insight, expertise and support, all of which helped make this program possible. If you want to discover more about the man, his music and his legacy, then be sure to visit raymondscott.com.

noexit_Fall 2013 Program

No Exit Fall 2013 Program (Click for complete PDF)

No Exit Scott 5

Pictured from left to right – Eric Gonzalez, James Praznik, Greg D’Alessio (composer), Ed Davis (guest drummer), Russ Gershon (guest saxophone/composer), Dinesh Joseph (guest percussion), Scott McKee (guest trumpet), Geoffrey Burleson (composer), Cara Tweed, Nicholas Underhill, Nicholas Diodore, and Timothy Beyer

No Exit Scott 1

No Exit Scott 2

No Exit Scott 3

No Exit Scott Tall 2“The newly composed works were
appropriately inventive as well. Beyer’s
own tribute, Egyptian Barn Dance Meditation,
drew on a Webern-like pointillism, while
Praznik’s was in a head-bobbing, “heavy ivory”
style with the composer as manic pianist.”
-Daniel Hathaway, ClevelandClassical.com (Nov,2013)

No Exit Scott 4

No Exit Scott 6


Powerhouse Passacaglia (2013) “World Premiere”
Raymond Scott / arr. Geoffrey Burleson (b.1964)

Manhattan Research, Inc. Copyright (1959)
B.C. 1675 (1957)

Snake Woman (2013) “World Premiere”
Raymond Scott / arr. Russ Gershon (b.1959)

The Man at the Typewriter (2013) “World Premiere”
Raymond Scott / arr. Christopher Auerbach-Brown (b.1970)

Twilight in Turkey (1968-69)

Egyptian Barn Dance Meditation (2013) “World Premiere”
Timothy Beyer (b.1970)


Celebration On the Planet Mars (2013) “World Premiere”
Raymond Scott / arr. Eric Gonzalez (b.1986)

Domino (1960-63)
Don’t Beat Your Wife Every Night! (1961)

Song of India (2013) “World Premiere”
Raymond Scott / arr. Russ Gershon (b.1959)

War Dance for Wooden Indians (2013) “World Premiere”
Raymond Scott / arr. Greg D’Alessio (b.1963)

Turkey in Twilight (2013) “World Premiere”
James Praznik (b.1985)


November 26, 2013

No Exit: Music of the Raymond Scott Quintette (November 18)
by Daniel Hathaway, ClevelandClassical.com


November 12, 2013

No Exit plans two concerts celebrating the life and work of Raymond Scott (November 12)
by Mike Telin, ClevelandClassical.com