Here and There Part 2: No Exit concert a la miniature

No Exit January 2020 Program

No Exit January 2020 Concert Series program (Click for complete PDF)

““Concert à la miniature” features solos and duos of five minutes or less, and the engaging diversity of the program coupled with stellar performances by members of the ensemble is a testimony to the cliché that good things come in small packages.”
-Mike Telin, (Dec,2020)


Aure (2011)
Kaija Saariaho(b.1952)

Episode Second: Ohne Worte (1977)
Betsy Jolas (b.1926)

…and the strange, unknown flowers… (1988)
Charles Delaney (b.1925 – d.2006)

Arc-en-ciel (1985)
György Ligeti (b.1923 – d.2006)

Suicide in an Airplane (1918-1919)
Leo Ornstein (b.1894 – d.2002)


December 10, 2020

No Exit: Here and There Part 2 — “Concert à la miniature”
by Mike Telin,