No Exit and Chester Englander April 2022: New Music for Cimbalom and Ensemble

noexit_April_2022 Program

No Exit April 2022 Program (Click for complete PDF)

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No Exit Fall April 2022

“TThis was not an easy concert to digest. Themes were confrontational and the music was challenging. However, it offered an understanding of how the world sounds harsh and violent and cold, though not always, and not completely.”
-Jacob Strauss, (May,2022)

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…tears…yet far yet near (2019) “World Premiere”
Hong-Da Chin (b.1985)

String Quartet No.8 – Night Descending (1995-97)
Per Nørgård (b.1932)
I.Prologue – Eulogy
II.Man – Animal
IV.Night Descending
V.Epilogue – Elegy

Duke Re-Dux (2021) “World Premiere”
Edward Smaldone (b.1956)

Ecstatic Waves (2020) “World Premiere”
Douglas Knehans (b.1957)
I.Searise Breaking
II.Enfoamed Rock
III.Unreturning Tides


May 18, 2022

No Exit: Sounds of Despair at SPACES Gallery (Apr. 29)
by Jacob Strauss,


April 22, 2022

Chester Englander with No Exit: “The Big Cimbalom Thing”
by Mike Telin,