No Exit and Cleveland Contemporary Players Fall 2018

No Exit January 2018 Program

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“Rindfleisch’s use of color, dynamics, rhythm, and musical contour easily hold your attention throughout the twenty-minute, seven-movement parade of contemptuous individuals, groups, and ideas.”

“The pianist was in his element during his electrifying improvisation before the return of the theme. Tackling this piece is a big undertaking and Burleson was up to the task.”
-Mike Telin, (Sept,2018)

No Exit Fall-3

No Exit Fall 2018-2


American Monster “World Premiere”
Andrew Rindfleisch (b.1963)
I.An Immoral Stench Wins the Day
II.The Largest Crowds in the History of the Universe
III.March of the Cowardly Sycophants
IV.Interlude: Reminiscence
V.Cruelty is Fun!
VI.Supporters, Friends and Loyalists:
VII.Enemies: Everyone Else

Running with the Devil (2018) “World Premiere”
Greg D’Alessio (b.1963)

The People United Will Never Be Defeated! (1975)
Frederic Rzewski (b.1938)
Geoffrey Burleson, piano


September 17, 2018

A concert of thought-provoking music at Cleveland State University (Sept. 17)
by Mike Telin,