No Exit and Patchwork: Cleveland Composers Part 1

No Exit January 2018 Program

No Exit and Patchwork: Cleveland Composers Part 1 program (Click for complete PDF)

No Exit Nov 2018-6

No Exit Nov 2018-5

No Exit Nov 2018-4

“For lovers of fresh, provocative, enchanting new chamber music, No Exit and Patchwork offered a reintroduction to the fundamental appeal of the art and its scene”

“violinist Cara Tweed and violist James Rhodes — created the sonic equivalent of a halo, or perhaps a more threatening aura. Later, Hirthe generated tones that sounded like the authentic vocalizations of a spirit, gurgling unintelligibly from the other side.”
-Jarrett Hoffman, (Jan,2019)

No Exit Nov 2018-3

No Exit Nov 2018-2

No Exit Nov 2018-1


Screaming Songs (2018) “World Premiere”
James Praznik (b.1985)

Darkling, I Listen (2016) “World Premiere”
Ty Emerson (b.1972)

…the arc of a tear… (2018) “World Premiere”
Hong-Da Chin (b.1985)


Pallor (2017) “World Premiere”
Colin Holter (b.1983)

She Was My Only Child (2018) “World Premiere”
Timothy Beyer (b.1970)


January 02, 2019

No Exit with Patchwork at SPACES (Dec. 14)
by Jarrett Hoffman,