No Exit and Patchwork Spring 2018

No Exit January 2018 Program

No Exit January 2018 Program (Click for complete PDF)

No Exit Spring 2018-6

No Exit Spring 2018-5

No Exit Spring 2018-4

“No Exit and Patchwork came together…to sound the musical cutting edge.”
-David Kulma, (May,2018)

No Exit Spring-3

No Exit Spring 2018-2

No Exit Spring 2018-1


Duo No.2

Four Impersonations (2002)
Evan Ziporyn (b.1959)
I. Honshirabe
II. Pengrangang Gde
III. Thum Nyatiti
IV. Bindu Semera

Fantasie: si tu veux (2010)
Derrik Balogh

Ved sjøen (2018) “World Premiere”
Christopher Stark
I. Apparitions
II. Interlude: Undercurrent
III. Wednesday with Edvard

Tsmindao Ghmerto (1994)
Evan Ziporyn

Zwang und Zweifel (2018) “World Premiere”
Osnat Netzer (b.1979)

We waited for each other on aim (2018)
Victoria Cheah


January 24, 2018

No Exit And Patchwork combine at SPACES (April 27)
by David Kulma,