No Exit And Zeitgeist Exchange Concerts 2016-2017


No Exit Fall 2016 Program (Click for complete PDF)

No Exit Fall 2016-5

No Exit Fall 2016-2

No Exit Fall 2016-1

“Gunnar Owen Hirthe of No Exit and Pat O’Keefe of Zeitgeist accomplished during their dazzling encounter in Black. Chasing each other at daring time intervals, they ran through a whole roster of musical styles — breathlessly, though they seemed scarcely winded at the finish line”
-Daniel Hathaway, (Apr,2016)

No Exit Fall 2016-6

No Exit Fall 2016-3


Streams “World Premiere”
Ann Millikan

The World is Maya “World Premiere”
Janika Vanderveide

Shtetl “World Premiere”
Timothy Beyer

Marc Mellits

Sound Town (I&II)
Carei Thomas

Carei Thomas

Almost a New Man (2016 Version)
James Praznik

The Metaphysics of Notation
Mark Applebaum

Hello, Cleveland!
Pat O’Keefe

Shadows of the Electric Moon
Per Bloland

The Angels of Serenity
Randy Bauer


November 3, 2016

No Exit: No Exit and Zeitgeist at New SPACES (Jan. 15)
by Daniel Hathaway,