No Exit and Zeitgeist: Here and There 2023

No Exit Fall 2017 Program (Click for complete PDF)

No Exit Fall 2016-5

No Exit Fall 2016-2

No Exit Fall 2016-1

No Exit Fall 2016-6

No Exit Fall 2016-3

No Exit Fall 2016-4


The Sound of a Going in the Tops of the Mulberry Trees (2020) *World Premiere*
Philip Blackburn (b.1962)

Cachivaches (2022)
Luis Daniel Jiménez

Small World (2022) “World Premiere”
Jonathan Posthuma (b.1989)


Shadowgraph, 5 (1977)
George Lewis (b.1952)

Heavier Than Air (1999)
Alvin Lucier (b.1931 – d.2021)

The Lost Melody (1989)
Frederic Rzewski (b.1938 – d.2021)

Duft (2012)
Kaija Saariaho (b.1952 – d.2023)

I. Blüenstaub (Pollen)
II. Blühend (Blossoming)
III. Flüchtig (Fleeting)

Resonances (2021)
Luke Rinderknecht (b.1983)

SPAZZ (2009)
James Praznik (b.1985)

Marble Madness (1984)
Brad Fuller and Hal Canon arr.Rob Kovacs (b.1982)

I. Practice Race
II. Beginner Race
III. Intermediate Race
IV. Aerial Race (parts 1 and 2)
V. Silly Race
VI. Ultimate Race / Congratulations / Game Over…?


February 1, 2023

No Exit and Zeitgeist: together again
by Mike Telin,