No Exit and Zeitgeist May 2021: New Sound Worlds

No Exit March 2021 Program

No Exit May 2021 Concert Series program (Click for complete PDF)

“Bathed in a soft blue light, Barringer brings soft rumbles and gentle tides to the piece, which is simultaneously mesmerizing, spiritual, and meditative, but most of all sonically interesting.”
-Jarrett Hoffman, (Mar,2021)


Monolog (1983)
Isang Yun (b.1917 – d.1995)

Down by the Riverside (1979)
Frederic Rzewski (b.1938 – d.2021)

Viola Spaces (2004-2007)
Garth Knox (b.1956)


Harold Budd (b.1936 – d.2020)

The Song of the Earth (2021)
Film and music by Philip Blackburn (b.1962)

Let Me Die Before I Wake (1982)
Salvatore Sciarrino (b.1947)

COINCIDENT Episode 4 “Exit Velocity” (2021) “World Premiere”
Scott Miller (b.1966)


June 15, 2021

No Exit & Zeitgeist: New Sound Worlds (May 2021)
by Mike Telin,