No Exit April 2023 Concert Series

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We waited for each other on aim (2018)
Victoria Cheah (b.1988)

Sonnets (2023) “World Premiere”
Robert Honstein (b.1980)

Time Machine Hyperboles (2023) “World Premiere”
Chris Neiner (b.1994)


Except for the silence in your touch (2023) “World Premiere”
Victoria Cheah (b.1988)

Connie Converse Songs (2023) “World Premiere”
Connie Converse (b.1924 – d.?) arr.Jeremy Siskind (b.1986)

I. One by One
II. There is a Vine
III. Trouble
IV.How Sad, How lovely


April 5, 2023

No Exit to present April Series
by Mike Telin,