No Exit December 2021: Music of The Collective

No Exit December 2021 Program

No Exit December 2021 program (Click for complete PDF)

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Unnatural Tendencies (2020)
Amelia Kaplan (b.1963)

Blackwork, Scarletwork (2021)
Cindy Cox (b.1961)

Byzantine Images (1985)
Constantine Koukias (b.1965)

Mist Waves (2019)
Douglas Knehans (b.1957)


Owl’s Breathe (2020)
Pamela Madsen (b.1957)

Two Harmonies (2011)
Matthew Rosenblum (b.1954)
I. Gymnopédie
II. Fantasy for Roberta Liss


February 9, 2021

No Exit embarks on a number of firsts
by Mike Telin,