No Exit December 2022 Concert Series


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The Banshee (1925)
Henry Cowell (b.1897-d.1965)

Aurora 2 (2022) “World Premiere”
David Glaser (b.1952)

Butter-Iider (2022) “World Premiere”
Max Friedman (b.1998)
I. ergets vayt (H. Leivicki)
II. tirtl-toybn (Yankev Glashteyn)
III. nakht (Kadya Molodowsky)
IV. a lonke tsvishn berg (Rokhl H. Korn)
V. the meadow with the butter-flowers


The Dream of Sisyphus (2022) “World Premiere”
Frank Wiley (b.1949)

Nocturnes (2017)
Ladislav Kubik (b.1946-d.2017)


December 1, 2022

No Exit New Music Ensemble: Laura King gets to the bottom of three world premieres
by Daniel Hathaway,