No Exit Fall 2017 Concert Series


No Exit Fall 2017 Program (Click for complete PDF)

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No Exit Fall 2016-1

“Gabriel understands how to convey this music to the audience, which he held in rapt attention from beginning to end.”
-Daniel Hathaway, (Sept,2017)
“The enjoyable piece was given an excellent performance that captured both the menacing and calming nature of the work.”
-Daniel Hathaway, (Sept,2017)
“Clarinetist Gunnar Owen Hirthe possesses a phenomenal technique and a natural ability to make the thorniest passages sound easy.”
-Daniel Hathaway, (Sept,2017)

No Exit Fall 2016-6

No Exit Fall 2016-3

No Exit Fall 2016-4


…his existence a flux… (2017) “World Premiere”
Michael Rene Torres (b.1982)

In Mourning (2011)
Alexsandr G. Brusentev (b.1987)

Growth (2017) “World Premiere”
Nasim Khorassani (b.1987)


Tricolor Capers (1980)
Eric Mandat (b.1957)
I. Portent
II. Sway
III. Bop

Septet (2017) “World Premiere”
Matthew Ivic (b.1985)


October 5, 2017

No Exit at SPACES Gallery (Sept. 30)
by Daniel Hathaway,