No Exit Fall 2019 Concert Series with Special Guest Chester Englander

No Exit September 2019 Program

No Exit Fall 2019 Concert Series program (Click for complete PDF)

No Exit Sept 2019-6

No Exit Sept 2019-5

No Exit Sept 2019-4

“No Exit’s season opener at SPACES felt more like a refuge from the fights and frights of everyday life, or at least a guide to bearing them with grace and vulnerability. In a program of diverse music, Cleveland’s contemporary-classical powerhouse proved itself capable of anything, and unafraid to take risks.”
-Nicholas Stevens, (Sept,2019)

No Exit Sept 2019-3

No Exit Sept 2019-2

No Exit Sept 2019-1


Passing Lane (2015) “World Premiere”
Nicholas Underhill (b.1953)

ngoma (2019) “World Premiere”
Adonai Henderson (b.1993)

Air (1984)
Philip Blackburn (b.1962)


Species Plantarum, Liber II (2019) “World Premiere”
Sean Parks (b.1993)
I.Zamioculcas zamiifolia
II.Pilea peperomioides
III.Ficus lyrata
IV.Medinilla scortechinii
V.Cycas revoluta

Saint Elizabeth Bells (2012)
Kati Agócs (b.1975)


February 20, 2019

No Exit at SPACES (Sept.6)
by Nicholas Stevens,