No Exit Fall 2021 Concert Series


No Exit Fall 2021 Program (Click for complete PDF)

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“That only added to the fun and sense of engagement that’s always embedded in a No Exit concert, and on Saturday evening, October 2, listeners could witness the expertise of the musicians at close hand.”
-Daniel Hathaway, (Oct,2021)

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Mono-drum (2020)
Agata Zubel (b.1978)

Transitoria (2020) “World Premiere”
Giuseppe Desiato (b.1987)

Lyrical Inventions for Ensemble (2020) “World Premiere”
Derrik Balogh (b.1980)

Amputate III (2011)
Timothy Beyer (b.1970)

Forest City (2020) “World Premiere”
Jiří Trtík (b.1989)


October 5, 2016

No Exit new music ensemble at Heights Arts (Oct. 2)
by Daniel Hathaway,