No Exit January 2021: New Year, New Music

No Exit January 2021 Program

No Exit January 2021 Concert Series program (Click for complete PDF)

“Happily, while No Exit takes itself seriously, it goes about its business with a redemptive playfulness.”
-Daniel Hathaway, (Jan,2021)


There was something that I had wanted to say to you but I didn’t… (2020) (World Premiere)
Jeremy Rapaport-Stein (b.1992)

Xnoybis III (1964)
Giacinto Scelsi (b.1905 – d.1988)

Fleeting Remnants of the Severed Wonderland (2020) (World Premiere)
Tyler Adamthwaite (b.1994)

Dhipli Zyia (1951)
Iannis Xenakis (b.1922 – d.2001)

Give Me a Second (2020) (World Premiere)
Inga Chinilina (b.1987)


February 9, 2021

No Exit January Concert: premieres & drolleries
by Daniel Hathaway,