No Exit March 2021: New Music by Cleveland Composers

No Exit March 2021 Program

No Exit March 2021 Concert Series program (Click for complete PDF)

“But few organizations have mined that format with as much joy and silliness — and in general, personality — as Cleveland’s new music ensemble No Exit. That trend continues with their latest video, released on March 26 and centered around music by Cleveland-area composers.”
-Jarrett Hoffman, (Mar,2021)


We Tremble, but Know Better (2021) “World Premiere”
Adonai Henderson (b.1993)

Concerto for Piano and MIDI Orchestra (2020) “World Premiere”
Nicholas Underhill (b.1953)

Resonances (2021) “World Premiere”
Luke Rinderknecht (b.1983)


Amputate II (2007)
Timothy Beyer (b.1970)

2020 Set To Viola: What We Will Remember (2021) “World Premiere”
Ezekiel Paulowski (b.1997)


March 30, 2021

No Exit: zany, creative, impressive & local (Mar. 26)
by Jarrett Hoffman,