No Exit May 2022 NYC Queens College and Carnegie Hall

noexit_NYC2022 Program

NYC 2022 Tour Program (Click for complete PDF)

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“Unnatural Tendencies, by Amelia Kaplan, for solo piano, a jittery rumination on the pandemic, performed superbly by Nicholas Underhill. Byzantine Images, by Constantine Koukias, the oldest work on the program (1985), for solo flute with digital delay—this allows the traditional single-line flute to become polyphonic with itself, played hauntingly by Sean Gabriel.”
-Frank Daykin, (May,2022)

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Sonic Entanglement (2020) (World Premiere)
Spiros Mazis

Duke Redux (2021) (NYC Premiere)
Edward Smaldone

Blackwork, Scarletwork (2021) (World Premiere)
Cindy Cox

Unnatural Tendencies (2021) (World Premiere)
Amelia Kaplan

Byzantine Images (1985) (US Premiere)
Constantine Koukias

Amputate III (2011) (NYC Premiere)
Timothy Beyer

Owl’s Breath (2021) (NYC Premiere)
Pamela Madsen

MONO-DRUM (2020) (US Premiere)
Agata Zubel

Mist Waves (2019) (NYC Premiere)
Douglas Knehans

Lines of Desire (2021) (World Premiere)
Jack Vees

Two Harmonies (2011) (NYC Premiere)
Mathew Rosenblum


April 28, 2022

NO EXIT Performs Works By The Collective at Two NYC Concerts In May
by Stephi Wild,