No Exit’s Year of Surreality – The Unconscious (Winter 2023)

What’s in a dream? For the Surrealists, a lot. They believed that the rationalism of modern society stifled and ultimately suppressed the imagination. Surrealists sought to tap into the unconscious mind, that part of ourselves which is not bound by reason and logic, and not subject to the taboos and morals dictated by society. In doing so, they endeavored to unleash the power of the imagination and access a superior reality (sur réalisme). This would be a new kind of emancipation, one in which the creativity of the unconscious mind is unshackled
and boundless.

No Exit Winter 2023 Program (Click for complete PDF)

No Exit Fall 2016-5

No Exit Fall 2016-2

No Exit Fall 2016-1

No Exit Fall 2016-6

No Exit Fall 2016-3

No Exit Fall 2016-4

No Exit Fall 2016-3

No Exit Fall 2016-4


The Birdhouse (2023) “World Premiere”
Timothy Beyer and James Praznik (b.1970 and 1985)

Breathing Room (2023) “World Premiere”
Luke Haaskma (b.1997)

In Fourteen Steps (2023) “World Premiere”
James Praznik (b.1985)


Between Here and There (2023) “World Premiere”
Zeitgeist and Philip Blackburn (b.1962)


January 18, 2024

No Exit with Zeitgeist: Surreality — the Unconscious at SPACES (Dec. 2)
by Mike Telin,