Winter 2014 Concert Series

It can be said that we live in an age where ‘regionalism’, in regards to art music, is a designation that no longer carries the weight that it once did. The world has become a much bigger, more diverse and integrated place. And yet, there is still something quite unique and extraordinary about so much of the music coming out of Northeast Ohio. We wanted to present a program that reflected this. With that in mind, No Exit launched their 2014-2015 concert season by shining a spotlight on the works of living composers from the Cleveland area, which included the debut of two world premiere pieces – Late Spring by Eric M.C. Gonzalez and Christopher Auerbach-Brown’s Interlude for solo piano.

No Exit Program Winter 2014

No Exit November 2014 Program (Click for PDF)

No Exit Winter 2014-1

No Exit Winter 2014-2

No Exit Winter 2014-3

No Exit Winter 2014-4

No Exit Winter 2014-5

No Exit Winter 2014-6

No Exit Winter 2014-8

Rinderknecht Photo


Disquieting Calm (2009)
Albert Kovach (b.1979)

Reflections on the Nature of Water (1986)
I. Crystalline
IV. Gently Swaying
V. Profound

Jacob Druckman (b.1928 – d.1996)

Late Spring (2014) “World Premiere”
Eric M.C. Gonzalez (b.1986)

Quiet Music
I. Waltz Music
II. Fast Music
III. Slow Music

Andrew Rindfleisch (b.1963)


Interlude (2014)
Christopher Auerbach-Brown (b.1970)

La salida por atras (2013)
Robert Beckstrom (b.1953)


November 11, 2014

No Exit Begins new season with concerts on November 14 & 24 (November 11)
by Mike Telin,