No Exit January 2021 Concert




January 29, 7 PM (EST)


This event will be Virtual and available to stream Free of charge at:


Please join No Exit as they usher in 2021 with an online concert of intriguing avant-garde sounds. Featured on the program will be world premiere works by three immensely talented young composers: Jeremy Rapport-Stein, Inga Chinilina and Tyler Adamthwaite. Also included will be Iannis Xenakis’ exquisitely savage Dhipli Zyia and Giancinto Scelsi’s meditative and intense Xnoybis III. Don’t miss this extraordinary evening of adventurous music!

Listeners can find the link to the performance and also download the concert program by going to either or the night of the concert. As always, the event is free and open to the public.


Fleeting Remnants of the Severed Wonderland Spoke One Ashen Sylph Who Sang So Fervently to Death (World Premiere) – Tyler Adamthwaite

Give Me a Second (World Premiere) – Inga Chinilina

There was something that I had wanted to say to you but I didn’t… (World Premiere) – Jeremy Rapport-Stein

Dhipli Zyia – Iannis Xenakis

Xnoybis III – Giancinto Scelsi