No Exit Presents: The Genkin Philharmonic at The Bop Stop




November 4, 8PM


The Bop Stop

2920 Detroit Ave.
Ohio City, OH 44113

(216) 421-5806

No Exit is thrilled to bring to Cleveland one of the most unusual, exciting, genre-defying and utterly singular groups that we’ve ever presented, the Genkin Philharmonic. With an eye towards experimentation and the unconventional, Genkin is equal parts jazz, art music, and avant-gardism. Always expect the unexpected when the Genkin Philharmonic takes the stage. Their program will include the a fresh take on works by Tom Pierson, Serge Prokofiev, Sylvester Stewart, Zane Merrit, Curtis Mayfield, Frank Zappa, Caroline Mallonee, Bela Bartok, Igor Stravinsky, Carlo Gesualdo, Yes, Radiohead, King Crimson, David Sanford Don Van Viliet and Jimmy Hendrix, among others.

As always, No Exit’s concerts are free and open to the public. For the safety of all present, masks are recommended. Please check with the venue to find their Covid safety policies.


Oath – Tom Pierson

L’adoration de Veless et de Ala, Ala et Loly – Serge Prokofiev

The Beef Brigade – Andrew Rindfleisch

Luv N’ Haight – Sylvester Stewart

All Outta Bubblegum – Zane Merritt

Little Child Runnin’ Wild – Curtis Mayfield

Tom Sawyer – Lee, Lifeson, Peart

Hey Yeah, I’m Waiting – Caroline Mallonee

Mikrokosmos – Bela Bartok

The Black Page – Frank Zappa

Inertia – Padmanabha, Baczkowski, Stravinsky, Gesualdo

T’Mershi Duween / Dupree’s Paradise – Frank Zappa

And You and I, Morning Bell, Thrak – Yes, Radiohead, King Crimson

Gumby at Large / Thaxodrone – David Sanford

Ice Rose – Don Van Vliet

Apes Ma – Don Van Vliet

Dropout Boogie – Don Van Vliet

Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix

Third Stone from the Sun – Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

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