No Exit’s Year of Surreality: Piano Dada at Cleveland State




March 8, 7PM


Cleveland State University

Drinko Recital Hall

2001 Euclid Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44115

No Exit and their partner Heights Arts invite you to look backwards into the future as they present  Piano Dada. The program will feature piano music originally presented at the Festival Dada (in 1920) and Soirée du Coeur à Barbe (in 1923). Many of the pieces that will be included on the program were written by artists associated with the Dadaist movement such as Marcel Duchamp’s Erratum Musical, La Nourrice Americaine (fast and slow) by Francis Picabia and Drie Composities Voor Klavier by Elt Mesens. Also appearing on the program will be an ensemble rendition of Musical Erratum and a new experimental work (à la John Cage) by Luke Rinderknecht inspired by the techniques, ideology and methods of the Dadaist.

Each concert will feature filmic presentations of Tristan Tzara singing The Song of a Dadaist and No Exit performing Hugo Ball’s iconoclastic poem Karawane. The ensemble will also perform a live rendition of a newly created series of sound poems.


In conjunction with Piano Dada, No Exit will create a Dadaist/Surrealist environment at Heights Arts titled Irrational Objects: Backwards Into the Future. The exhibit will be comprised of art and objects created for the installation in addition to elements of set design. Contributors will include Edwin Wade, Steven Mastroianni ( , Jeremy Paul (, Frank Gallagher, Jamie Cohen-Kiraly and Timothy BeyerIrrational Objects: Backwards Into the Future will be open to the public starting on March 15 and will run through May 12.


As always, No Exit’s concerts are free and open to the public. Adventurous listeners are welcome!





The Song of a Dadaist – Tristan Tzara


La Nourrice Américaine – fast – Francis Picabia


Caramel Mou – Darius Milhaud


Adieu, New York! – Georges Auric


La Nourrice Américaine – slow – Francis Picabia


three poems  – Gunnar Owen-Hirthe, James Praznik  and Timothy Beyer 


Trois Morceaux en forme de Poire – Erik Satie


Drie Composities Voor Klavier  – E.L.T. Mesens


Musical Erratum – Marcel Duchamp


Musical Erratum (all three together – ensemble version 1) – Marcel Duchamp


Karawane – Hugo Ball


Trois Pieces Faciles Quatre Mains – Igor Stravinsky


Moon fight hearing aid “World Premiere” – Luke Rinderknecht


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