The Minds Behind No Exit’s Electronic Music at Appletree Books




October 18, 7 PM


Appletree Books

12419 Cedar at Fairmount
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

(216) 791 2665

No Exit dives headfirst into the domain of electronic music for this evocative program of experimental works by Cleveland composers Greg D’Alessio, James Praznik, and Timothy Beyer. The trio will be on hand to present and discuss their work, guiding the musically curious through the esoteric sound world of their digital creations. Also featured on the program will be Luciano Berio’s 1958 groundbreaking electronic masterpiece, Thema (Omaggio a Joyce). This is assured to be an engrossing evening—and a thrilling interactive experience—for our adventurous audience. Free and open to the public.